Allegheny Valley Farms

Sour Cream

  · Farm fresh, vat set and non-homogenized sour cream.

· Made from Brown Swiss milk and 40% fat cream, both from local dairies.

· Mark developed a special process that he uses to manufacture and create a fantastic sour cream that is pleasing to the palate and holds up amazingly well. 

· Adaptable for quality minded users…restaurants, food service, manufacturing ingredient, and home use.


  · Farm produced using fresh milk from Brown Swiss cows, raw sugar, fresh fruit puree’, and probiotics.

· Good for bakers, restaurants, food service operators, and grab ‘n’ go facilities.

· Vanilla or Plain is a fantastic addition to smoothies and parfaits.

Ranch Dip

  ·  Farm made using our sour cream and a variety of seasonings to produce event-ready options.

· Used for a topping for vegetables, meats and pasta dishes.